General Information

Our plant produces steel structures of industrial and commercial facilities. Our annual production programme amounts up tu approx. 5.2 thousand tons of structures, in which:

  • frame structures – approx. 1800 tons,
  • solid wall structures – approx. 2200 tons,
  • other structural elements – 1200 tons.

Our plant's production surface is of approx. 27000 m², out of which 16200 m² constitute a 3-bay production hall, every bay of 30-m span, equipped with 9 overhead cranes:

  • 2 cranes of 8-ton lifting capacity,
  • 4 cranes of 10-ton lifting capacity,
  • 1 crane of 12.5-ton lifting capacity,
  • 1 crane of 16-ton lifting capacity,
  • 1 crane of 20-ton lifting capacity,
  • 1 “POLAN” mobile crane of 16-ton lifting capacity.

The equipment of our plant includes: compressed air installation, propane installation, welding gases installation (with a mixer), electric power supply of 800 kW of installed capacity.

Works transport is done by 2 forklift trucks of lifting capacity of 9 and 5 tons, by a roll conveyor system loading and collecting materials from the shot blaster, as well as by trucks transporting ready-made structural elements from the production hall to the paint shop.

The company also disposes of its own railway siding. Maximal length of elements carried by our own transport is of 30m, and maximal load – 24 tons.

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